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Beauty on the Beach

The Challenge

This couple had purchased a beach condo with an incredible location, and a stunning view of the beach and harbor. However, it was in serious need of a complete interior design overhaul. Apart from a recent partially remodeled bathroom, all of the finishes and furnishings were worn and dated. Our client wanted to create a beautiful, serene beach oasis with a Traditional flair that would be used as a second home for their family and as a vacation rental to generate income.

The Solution

In the family room, our goal was to create a welcome, relaxing environment, ensuring that we used highly durable fabrics and materials, given the inevitable wear and tear that a vacation rental near the beach will endure. All of the furniture is also Traditional in style, with the classic rolled arms on both the armchair and the sofa. The curtains in the family room are *black out* allowing additional guests who sleep on the sofa bed to keep out early morning light. We also focused on small, but important details, such as using a decorative basket near the console table to provide easy, yet stylish access, to helpful guest information regarding this popular tourist area.

In the kitchen, the layout worked and the cabinetry was, overall, in decent condition, however, all of the finishes and appliances needed to be replaced. We chose a durable quartz countertop with an understated marble pattern and a beautiful blue, gray, and white backsplash to reflect the colors of the seaside. All new stainless steel appliances provided an updated, cohesive look. The dated fluorescent light fixture was replaced with recessed LED can lights. Finally, white square tile flooring was replaced with a medium-tone wide plank tile flooring for a more updated look.

In the bedroom, we wanted to create a relaxing retreat with a soothing color palette, soft bedding, adequate space for guest electronics, and an additional mirror, apart from the bathroom, to be used for additional guests getting ready to go out.

Our clients were thrilled with their new condo and have enjoyed many happy vacations here, in addition to a healthy booking rate, significantly offsetting the cost of their beautiful beach home.

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